Altium Designer Tips and Tricks, Board Cutout from Primitives

Just got a PM from a youtube follower with a following question: "How is possible to do a board cut out from a primitives like one o more lines that lives in the same mechanical layer?" I'm assuming that you have a certain irregular shape that you want to create as a cutout. If I understood you correctly, that is pretty easy thing to do. (more…)
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uC Command Line Interface, Part 1 (Updated with sources)

When doing some project which involves a microcontroller I often have to write some test code/script in order to verify correct operation. This is typically a time consuming process. So some time ago, I started working on a small side-project, which would allow me to communicate with a microcontroller directly, either via UART-USB bridge or some other transport protocol. The idea was to basically recreate a unix like shell, where I could control peripherals, via short commands and maybe do some scripting as well and the whole project should be easy to expand and maintain. Sources are available here. (more…)

LTC6993 Timerblox module

A couple of months ago I was playing around with a set of Timerblox modules from Linear Technology. Timerblox are a set of small, versatile timing building blocks which can be used almost in any design, with applications like: filtering, power-sequencing etc. (more…)
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LCD Controller

Just as promised, after finishing the layout and routing of the LCD Controller board (you can view the layout process here). I've ordered a couple of pcb's from Multi-CB. They promised a 6 WD delivery time and bang! just after 3 weeks the pcb's were in my office. I had to pay about 78€ for that. Pretty standard price if you want some quality. PCB parameters were: (more…)